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Christmas Gifts. Top ideas for a successful 2022

We look for the perfect gift, something to surprise, demonstrate, excite … but we always fall into the same thing and the search becomes a dead end. Do you want us to help you get inspired? We have it clear.

2021 has once again been a challenge for our houses, each time more active, dynamic and versatile, they are now more important than ever. So full of life (and work) we know well what we need from them, and also what we still lack! Why not take advantage and make possible at home what we want so much? From Carrillo we offer you 5 ideas to make a special and totally personalized gift:

The dream office: It is time to give it the shape it deserves. Working at home with entity, comfort, style … from a suitable office table or decorating the walls with paintings, screens, bookcases … giving a new office or improving its decoration is undoubtedly the gift of the year.

Redecorating the office, the gift of the year.


Change the look: Think about the area that needs it the most, or the one that you like to update and let your imagination fly: refresh the bedroom with tropical motifs, inspire the dining room under a mid-century style or renew the living room with trendy colours . At Carrillo we will help you make the most of each room to make it shine again.

Total success: renew the look of the bedroom with tropical-inspired wallpapers

That favorite corner … : Giving is inspiring, proposing, guessing … nothing like giving away “that favorite corner” that we would like at home.

Original art and design. It never fails, at Carrillo we are passionate about art in all its forms and it is always present both in our decorations and in stores. Giving art is giving identity, personality and value over time.

Art works, such as this painting by Miguel Sansón, leave a special stamp on each house

Details with design and style. There is nothing worse than a boring or repeated gift. At Carrillo we are committed to creativity, imagination, design and quality.


Bet on creativity, design and quality details.

Do not forget: “Buying with origin” looking for the well done work, quality, the story behind each object, the national market, crafts, know-how and authenticity.

Discover our ideas for customizing your home with the best style this Christmas.

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