Company – Carrillo

Passed vocation and constant evolution.

This is how we can define the Carrillo sisters. Lola, Carmen, Victoria and Laura. The four have inherited the value of artisan work and a firm initiative that has led them to consolidate their company with a personal creative line.

Growing up in an environment of art and creativity gave them a unique experience: “We loved being in our parents’ workshop watching professionals work wood. Seeing something inert transform into an element full of life and sensitivity … Perhaps this is the most precious teaching, the one that is not studied, the one that is felt when caressing a good work». Experiences that have been able to translate into knowledge, sensitivity and, above all, a great passion for their work.

They work, design and decide together; creating interiors that leave an unmistakable stamp of professionalism and character: “Our style is to work one hundred percent, get involved in all our projects and supervise the details personally … Only in this way can we ensure that we achieve the result we seek“.

Currently their center of operations is in Madrid, in their stores and studios, from where they direct the projects they develop all over the world.


Comprehensive project development

Our philosophy

Balance between the client's needs, the characteristics of the home and our professional criteria.


You have to treat each project as unique if you want the result to be special.


Vocation, artisan work and constant evolution.


What can we offer?

Interior design

We will help you with any idea you have dreamed of.

Custom solutions

Individualized approaches for each client.

Furniture and decoration

We create and produce our own designs.

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