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How to create a beautiful and functional dressing room

The dressing room is a very personal and intimate area, which is why in its creation, functionality and versatility of custom designs prevail above all else.

The dressing rooms are one of the most personal areas to decorate, and their design is totally linked to their use. To achieve a successful dressing room, we must attend to specific needs, study the space we have and incorporate the most innovative designs to put maximum efficiency and comfort at our disposal.

Currently there is a very wide range both to create dressing rooms from scratch and to incorporate more functional improvements or trends into existing ones.

Exterior design

From a few simple glass or mirror doors, to the total opening, passing through the “walking-closets”, there are multiple options to configure your dressing room, making it more integrated into the bedroom or as a totally independent space.

Walk-in-closet Roomy Camerino by Caccaro


And this is when the dream comes true. Have an exclusive space for personal items, provide the appropriate height to each compartment or configure a fully organized distribution. Being able to personalize down to the last detail and create a custom dressing room becomes a perfectly achievable luxury.

Isla a medida para objetos personales y de uso diario

Following our usual philosophy, at Carrillo we decided step by step on the creation of the dressing room with our clients. We study your needs, the priorities that should be more accessible and we select the most suitable design for your space. Providing the best designs and taking care of every detail to achieve maximum functionality in its use.

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