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Open kitchens, open minds

Our lifestyle surrounded by open spaces

Modern kitchen open to the living room with marked industrial finish and double counter / bar area

The idea of an “Open Space” has established itself as a unanimous trend in decoration.

The “open space” concept partly reflects our current lifestyle, where the house is less and less compartmentalized and a multipurpose use of the rooms prevails. The benefits of an open space somewhere in the house are many, from the feeling of spaciousness that is generated with the absence of walls, or a greater use of each room. We also highlight an advantage above all, that of the “dynamic” effect that is achieved in a home with open spaces: a sensation of movement and constant novelty is generated when the options of placing ourselves in a space are multiplied, when we can vary its use according to our needs.

Open kitchens: key aspects to consider

Kitchens have emerged as pioneering examples of the “OPEN SPACE” trend. The option of an open kitchen or integrated into the dining room or living room continues to be a rising value.

There are many options for designing an open kitchen: with intermediate glazing, with a bar or island, industrial, modern or natural style, with an infinite bar or with a seating area.

In each case, we recommend carrying out a small preliminary study to get the most out of the change. Some keys?:

  • As always, light treatment is essential. Whether looking to enhance natural light, or effect “games” with artificial light (perimeter light defining the area, backlighting of kitchen cabinets, niches with light …) today there are millions of options to illuminate adequately.
  • The delimitation of the kitchen: it is not necessary that there are partitions to delimit your space, we can change the material of the floor or that of the walls to visually specify its location.
  • Attend to the general color looking for a specific purpose: let’s think about whether we need to create a feeling of spaciousness or on the contrary generate a contrast. In one case we can give the kitchen a minimalist general monochromatic tone, in the other, use a groundbreaking color or a ceramic material for some of the walls.
  • Do not forget its most important function: The kitchen is still the space for cooking, so it is essential to invest in a powerful and silent extractor if we want a happy cooking experience.
Detail of integrated kitchen in the living area, simple elegance in the glass bar and contrast in the stone strata wall.

Integrated kitchen with dining room with counter that serves as a bar at the same time. The kitchen area is delimited by a gray mosaic floor and the work area has been signified with a change in the facing using a ceramic material with a concrete effect.

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