Autumn trends, by Laura Carrillo – Carrillo

Autumn trends, by Laura Carrillo

Fall is a time of transition, full of aspirations and opportunities.T

Every change of season invites you to renew your perspective. Autumn says goodbye to summer and sometimes makes us nostalgic, but we must go further and discover its enormous wealth.

Laura Carrillo guides us on how to take advantage of all its qualities and enjoy a “happy autumn climate with the best trends”. Here are her tips:

Warm lighting – the first step towards a new life

Warm light is essential at any time of year to achieve a pleasant home spirit, but especially in autumn to create a cozy atmosphere. Laura Carrillo recommends introducing a warm LED lighting (between 2500-2700 k) “It is a first step to create an autumnal atmosphere”.

Identify your Autumn spirit: choose your fall style.

Maybe you identify with organic spaces and more natural touches, prefer the timeless wool squares on fabrics instead of leather, or you love the more romantic autumn style of the country forest. Each interior is unique and must reflect the personality of the person who inhabits it.

Autumn trends
Wood and leather, two succesfull classics at autumn deco.

Pay attention to textures and wall coverings.


“I feel very inspired by textures, wood coatings, finishes such as copper or cortén or immerse myself in nature through a mural with tree landscapes. Also essential, rugs, queens of the colder seasons, provide incredible warmth and life.”

Autumn trends
Wooden effect wallcovering by Elitis France

Little touches, big results.

Little touches, big results. Fill your home with the autumnal color palette through textiles and accessories: there is a wonderful range of colors in the fall: candies, ocher, oranges … take advantage of small decorative details such as pillows, plaids or vases to add these colors, a small gesture that generates a surprising effect.

Autumn trends
Autumn colours in textile touches, a total hit.

Kids Areas.

I like to bring autumn to the little ones through softer tones such as pastels, mints, yellows and use fun themes with forest murals or papers with animals.

Autumn trends
Mint-toned wood and forest mural by Coordonnée, a beautiful bet by Laura Carrillo for this children’s bedroom.

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