Ascale hotel – Carrillo

Ascale and Laura Carrillo present their new project for the first edition MIAD 2024 in collaboration with 2 powerful brands: Gessi and Gira

Ascale Hotel is a project that recreates a real suite for a luxury hotel.

Inspired by the neo-Mudejar Las Ventas and the values of the Ascale brand, Laura Carrillo has designed an unique space, with all details for allowing you to imagine a real experience in this suite of more than 60 m2.

The large-format porcelain tiles from Ascale (a company that sponsors the space) have inspired the interior designer to imagine in a big way and show the great versatility and elegance with which these materials can function in the most demanding settings. The brand’s own logo serves as a common thread in the space, with the CIRCLE (like the circle of the A in Ascale) being a recurring symbol in different formats and nuances:

The impressive circular art-deco style design on the floor (with the 2 main materials of the project: white Machia Vechia and black Laurent black), the painting that frames the living area, the circular shapes of the skylights on the ceiling or the curved sofa from the Italian brand Pianca (another collaborator of the space).

Ascale’s materials are also completely recyclable, so their use in contract spaces represents a clear commitment to sustainability.

The aesthetics of the project speak of a luxury linked to the environment, quality and well-being: a luxury that is neither ostentatious nor baroque and that is nevertheless defined by the details, architecture, design and technology, with the highest quality finishes. high quality.

A project linked to its environment: respects its history, delves into its roots and connects them with the contemporary moment. The monumental Las Ventas bullring is a true luxury due to its history and architecture. From its characteristic brick construction, Laura Carrillo has extracted the terracotta tone that forms another common thread throughout the suite in different ranges and finishes.

A project linked to quality and well-being: because experience shows us that quality remains and satisfactorily influences our lives and well-being as the ultimate objective is the highest goal in any luxury hotel.

And understanding enjoyment and comfort as luxury, it is inevitable to talk about Gessi:  beyond the undeniable beauty of its designs, the Italian firm redefines the concept of the bathroom with its “private wellness” universe. In this suite, the bathroom is an open space that invites you to disconnect and enjoy the space, taking advantage of the atmosphere created through other sensory elements such as lighting, sound or aroma. The private wellness area (with regenerative shower and chromotherapy) is a true oasis of well-being.

Technology at the service of the experience, a plus that could not be missing: Thanks to the special collaboration of GIRA we have managed to create a complete experience for the guest, accompanying the design part of the project with the most sensory part, creating a 360 experience .

With the help of Gira we dare to integrate technology in this project, generating environments, a point of differentiation where the client with a simple touch can completely adapt the space to their taste or mood.

Thanks to the fact that they are pioneers in the design of mechanisms, they have been able to fit perfectly into the common thread of the project, the circle, thanks to their Gira Studio series, circular and made of glass.

The previous edition of Marbella Design was awarded for “the best fusion between art and interior design”

Laura Carrillo is once again committed to creating a first-class project structured by color and elegance that combine with the highest quality of Ascale’s product.

Ascale Hotel can be visited in MIAD from March 6 to 17 in the Plaza de Toros de las Ventas in Madrid