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Minimalist Sofas. Best 5

Descending from 1930s European architecture (Mies Van der Rohe’s famous “Less is More”), the concept of “minimal” is synonymous with simplicity and straightforwardness.

Pure lines, basic geometric shapes, absence of excess, make up the personality of one of the biggest design trends that grew in the 60s but is still very latest.

Here we present our 5 best minimalist style sofas: each one offers its own minimal interpretation, which is your favorite version?



1. KIM, Simplicity and Elegance

The KIM sofa by Ditre Italia is the perfect example to explain that minimalism is not fallen out with elegance. An impeccable design that can combine its structure without changing its balance. It has an exquisite class and that is why we love it.


2. OHIO, Geometry and Comfort

“Minimalist in everything except comfort”, this is how this sofa with straight lines and a personal geometric nod on the trapeze-shaped arm is defined. A sofa that is ideal for dividing rooms due to the reduced height of the backrest.


3. ROBERT, Mid Century Minimalism

Simple and functional but with an irresistible 50’s touch. Its slightly rounded backrest and its golden cylindrical legs give this sofa a very personal retro minimalist style.


4. KEOPS, Urban and Modern

Inspired by industrial culture, from its blocky design to its metallic steel color. The Keops sofa is one of our most requested models and it always triumphs.


5. GALA., The most pure curve

A novelty from our beloved Italian brand Saba Italia, the Gala sofa represents the combination of organic simplicity: the recreation of geometric forms without ornament, the minimal expression of a curve evoking natural elements such as the sea waves or  the shape of the stones. A 10 in design.

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