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Espacios multifuncionales

Multifunctional spaces, a top trend


This last year we have not stopped practicing (without knowing) a concept that had been in trend for some time. In an intuitive, forced and more or less creative way, we have all opted for “multifunction” spaces:

A room that has been both a working space and a meeting point. A bedroom converted into an office or a terrace with multiple uses depending on the time of day.


Discover in this post why these types of spaces have created a trend, what advantages this style of distribution offers and how to get the most out of our home.

Rethink the space. Both the pandemic and homeworking have made us look  with new eyes the space around us . We have lived our houses more than ever and that has allowed us to discover what we want from them. We have discovered what we don´t like but we have also invented new ways of giving them life, of taking advantage of all the possibilities they offer us. The ability to rethink our space makes us free. Discovering that we can shape our home according to our needs or the time of day has transformed the concept of our homes in a very positive way. Yes! we finally realize that spaces can (and should) be dynamic, live and change with us.

Crear diferentes ambientes en un mismo espacio es una tendencia en alza con grandes ventajas
Creating different environments in the same space is a growing trend with great advantages. Like this coffee break or meeting area in the middle of a living room (Carrillo for Casa Decor Madrid 2017)



Open spaces. Our way of life has changed, and with it, the way of understanding our closest space. The search for connection and openness has gained ground for internal divisions. We seek spaciousness in small spaces, maximum luminosity in each room and a dynamic space in which we can interact in a more fluid way. Innovations in architecture and decoration enable us to bet on interconnected spaces without losing the identity in each one of them.

Cocina y comedor , más unidos que nunca, dispuestos a ayudarnos a compartir nuestros mejores momentos.
Kitchen and dining room, more united than ever, ready to help us share our best moments.                 Own entity without visual division. There are new ways to divide spaces without diminishing visibility or continuity: Sliding doors, glass partitions, panels, flooring, or bookcases that create a sense of division without causing barriers. The same space with different environments is possible.
Puertas correderas que separan o unen espacios de forma dinámica
Sliding doors that dynamically separate or connect spaces

Rediscovered corners. We all have “forgotten areas” in our home that we don’t pay attention to. Perhaps because they are places of passage or secondary we have not noticed that they can be bright and comfortable. Ahead! Let’s take advantage of these spaces and discover their possibilities, perhaps we will find in them a perfect office area or a pleasant reading corner.

Espacios secundarios que se convierten en verdaderos descubrimientos
Secondary spaces that become true discoveries

Versatile furniture. Bookcases such as room divisions, dressers that become office tables, kitchen countertops with infinite uses … Today furniture offers us thousands of possibilities and is more than ever at the service of our routines. Decoration as a solution to our needs, as a tool to live better.



Librería de Bontempi como solución para separar ambientes
Bontempi bookshelve as a solution to separate rooms, for sale in Carrillo

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