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Looking for the perfect cup

Oh no … not all cups are the same.

No we don´t savour coffee in the same cup, nor do any cup works to keep tea in our hands, a morning cup is not the same as a cup for the afternoon. There are some details that we unconsciously choose that make a cup the right cup. But which are those?

We analyze with Vicky Carrillo the attributes that make a cup the perfect cup:

Surround it and feel it as something more than a container, embrace the cup. We drink with our eyes, we perceive any aesthetic detail long before trying anything. We can even reject something if its presentation is not attractive. To trivialize a cup is to despise what we are going to drink. Beauty is important, also proportion, dimensions and quality. Appreciating all the properties of a cup will surely make us enjoy much more when we go to make use of it. We recommend the experience of enjoying the quality of a coffee in a Bernardaud cup, such as the Aboro or Knossos model.

Tazas de la colección "Anno Or" de Bernardaud, diseñadas por Sylvain Dubuisson
 “Anno Or” cups collection from Bernardaud, designed by Sylvain Dubuisson


It must go with us in the movement. Here, the concept of “design” and “origin” comes into play. Behind each cup there is someone who has thought carefully about its details, innovating in design without forgetting its most basic qualities. We may not immediately discover a good cup but surely we identify what a “bad cup” is and it is simply because it is not well thought out, because it does not fulfill its functions harmoniously. In short, because it interrupts its most primary mission by having to relocate it, leave it, or feel uncomfortable. Behind each Vista Alegre collection, for example, we always find the security of a good execution combined with the most surprising design. Even without handles! Like the Sol y Sombra collection by Cristian Lacroix by Vista Alegre.

Proceso de elaboración de un diseño de Bernardaud
The working out of a handcrafted piece.

Not enough weight. The weight of a cup is a fundamental aspect for us to find it palatable. Lightweight but consistent, the content tastes much better if the continent is up to the task. For a good breakfast coffee, for example, we chose the New Wave mug from Villeroy & Boch, a mug that we don’t mind raising again and again and makes us savor a unique breakfast.

Tazas New Wave de Villeroy & Boch
 New Wave cups from Villeroy & Boch, available at Carrillo

It does not taste the same on china as on porcelain. And it’s true! It is not that we are detractors of one or the other but we do want to remember that the material is very important in our way of savoring things. That said, we enjoy the same in an earthenware mug from Bordalho Pinheiro’s fantasy collection as in a mug made from the traditional ROYAL STAFFORD porcelain.

Colección Fantasía de Bordalho Pinheiro
Fantasia collection from Bordalho Pinheiro                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           It depends on the mood. And again we talk about design, aesthetics and personality. Because not every day we need the same coffee or the same energy, and we want to be surprised by the heteronyms of Pessoa from Vista Alegre or the surpriseing designs from Hering Berlin.

Go ahead, the best choice is always yours, but make sure you do it with quality and design.


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